SEC Refund Policy

 1. Application fees and Homestay service fees are non-refundable.

2. If a promotional package has been applied you will not be able to qualify for a refund.

3. Specialized Programs (such as Business English or any program in a transfer with UCCBT) does not qualify for a refund.

4. Homestay: a written cancellation notice must be provided to the school at least 30 days in advance in order to qualify for a refund. The below mentioned refund policy will be applied to homestay refunds.

5. Study Permit Rejection by Immigration Canada (does not apply for visitor visa applicants):

* Students who are denied their student visa are entitled to a complete refund less the registration and service fees.

* The refund must be requested in writing. The letter of rejection from Immigration Canada is required in order to process the refund.

* Students arriving from countries where a visa to enter Canada is mandatory, will be granted the same procedures as Study Permit rejection.

6. Students who wish to withdraw and do not present proof of Student Permit rejection from the Canadian Consulate will follow the refund policy below.

Up to 30 days before start date

75% refund

Less than 30 days before the start date

60% refund

Within 5 calendar days or school days of start date

50% refund

More than 10 days of the courses competed

No refund

7. On Hold cases will follow the same policy as a cancellation case. All registration cases put “on-hold” will be allowed an extension to their start dates on their LOA to a maximum of 45 days from their original start date.

** Please note: Refunds will be made every 6 weeks.

** All international partners are responsible for paying all bank and wire fees

** This policy is restricted to students of SEC only and does not apply to UCCBT students or courses.

Subject to change without notice.

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