SEC Slang Club

Many international students and immigrants struggle with slangs and idioms. What comes naturally to English native speakers can be very confusing for those still learning the language.

Many idioms and slang cannot be translated literally into different languages without losing the meaning of the phrase or word. Slang is all around us – movies, Facebook and Twitter as well as every day conversations!

At Study English in Canada Inc, we offer our student free Slang club and Idiom club every Wednesday afternoon.

Movember 118

Every week, the club tackles a new subject.

Movember 127

Slang is formed in popular culture and Hip Hop has brought us some colorful new phrases to the language. For example, what is a “crib”?

Movember 111

A “crib” as a slang term is used to describe a really cool house or home of a person. However, the traditional meaning of a crib is a bed for a baby. Confusing? Come join our students and let one of our talented teachers explain to you the meaning, usage and origin of Canadian slang.

Movember 116

Learning together is fun!

Movember 115


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