SEC hosts Movember Lunch!

Here at SEC, we encourage our students to immerse themselves into Canadian culture – to experience new events, new cuisines and adventures. Cultural exchange is important for global connectivity.

Part of Canadian culture is fundraising and charity work. Every couple of months, the students and staff at SEC come together to fundraise for various causes. This November, we gathered to host a lunch event for Movember.


Staff and student brought in yummy treats for the rest of the school.

Movember 198

Movember 210

Movember photobooth was set up where students were able to try on different mustaches and beards!






Movember 231

Staff and teachers joined in on the fun!




To finish the event off, we played Blow Ball while wearing fake ‘staches! So much fun!

Movember 229


Movember 230

Looking forward to the Mustache Movie Marathon!!!

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