9 Reasons Canada is the Best Place for You to Study English


Of all the destinations that come to mind when deciding where to study English abroad, there is only one country that has it all. This one place combines what most students have on their checklist in one beautiful location.  If you find yourself asking “Where should I study English abroad?” then keep on reading! Discover SEC’s 9 Best Reasons to study language with us in Canada!

9.  Diversity

Canada is proud to be a country of many nationalities. Though 80 percent of Canadian’s first language is either English or French, we are culturally diverse and we celebrate this! You will always feel welcomed and respected, Canadians do not tolerate discrimination. We ask only that you are kind and we will be kind right back. Our campus is filled with many different nationalities.

8. Four distinct and lovely seasons

Winter, spring, summer and fall, all give the opportunity to experience a whole other side of living in Canada.


7. We love to travel too!

About 60% of Canadians have passports where as only 37% of Americans do.  In fact, more Americans have Facebook profiles then have passports! Why does this matter for language travellers? Canada is the place to study English if you want to meet other likeminded people who enjoy travel as much as you do! SEC can help you set up weekends away and plan other adventures while you’re here studying with us.

6. Canadians are friendly and welcoming

So many students comment on this to me. It can be shocking at first to get asked if you need a hand finding where you are going just because you look a little confused.  Canadians want to be as helpful as they can. This is also great for practicing language outside of the classroom. With so many opportunities to interact with native English speakers, it is no wonder that so many students from SEC see such drastic improvements in their abilities!

5. Best country in the world for business

According to Forbes’, Canada is the number one place in the world to do business! Our economic climate fared better than most of the world throughout the recession. Other factors? Our well educated population and non-stop innovation. At SEC, we offer classes such as business protocol, English for the workplace, as well as a number of amazing programs at our sister school UCCBT. We make sure you have the opportunity to jump right into our thriving economy and get the experience that leads to success.

4. The Beautiful Landscape

Canada is one of the most picturesque countries in the world! With mountains, and lakes, oceans and forests that stretch for miles, we have more unspoiled natural beauty than any other country in the world.  Even better news is how easy it is to see the country from the SEC campus. Our activity coordinators have all the inside information on planning a weekend away.

3. Safe and Politically Stable

Although comparing countries in a comprehensive manner is difficult, one thing is for sure: Canada has some of the lowest crime rates in the developed world. We have stringent rules on weapons, our society is peacefully democratic and we are considered a world leader in human rights.

2. Canadian cities lead the world in highest standards of quality of life

We lead the way in many areas but especially housing, education, health and life satisfaction. When you choose to study English abroad, you have the opportunity to learn more than just the language of the country. Come and share our passion for equality and creating a good world to live in. We hope that we can share our similarities, discover our differences and celebrate the opportunity to learn from each other. Canada is the best place to learn English because it is one of the best places to live.

  • 1. High Academic Standards

SEC may offers many fun things to do and many great people to meet; but more than that, we offer you the opportunity to master the English language. Our curriculum is carefully put together, our teachers are professional and you will leave here with a new level of fluency and many new opportunities throughout the world. All because you made the wise decision to Study English in Canada!


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