8 Secrets to Train Your Brain to Learn a Language

From our brain to your’s, secret’s to learning language while you Study English in Canada!

The brain is a pretty amazing piece of machinery. With the advancement of technology occurring at an ever faster pace, some of the most valuable discoveries are related to this awesome organ of ours.

Scientists are discovering that much of what they once thought was fixed in the human head is actually quite malleable. In other words, you can teach yourself how to think and how to react much more then we once realized.

In honor of these scientific advancements, we at SEC are happy to present you with our 8 Secrets to Train your Brain to Learn a Language.  Think like a sponge and help you learn English faster than ever!

1. Do not be too hard on yourself. If you are a perfectionist, you may deny yourself the opportunity to practice your language skills. Grammar does NOT help you to speak a language – it helps you to improve your English. In order to learn a language, you must be ready to make mistakes and lots of them. Embrace this and you will learn English more quickly and get your point across more efficiently.

2. Similar to number one, don`t deny yourself the opportunity to speak English until you “are ready`. What if that day never comes? You have nothing to lose but the opportunity to try out your language skills. If you can’t quite get across what you want to or you make some huge language mistake? You know what they say, those who matter won’t mind. And those who mind don’t matter!

3. Time your language learning right. Don’t cram and try to jam a year’s worth of English knowledge into your brain in a crazy daily session.  Be reasonable, look over your language material only a few times, and break for a bit.

4. Take Breaks! If you can’t remember something no matter how many times you try, stand up and go for a walk. A run. A snack, a break! Anything. It is the release from concentration that allows our minds to absorb information and think clearly. Next time you have a mind block, think about what you are attempting to recall as intensely as you can, and then stop. I bet you the answer floats into your head only a few moments later.

5. Set language goals for yourself and time their accomplishments at reasonable intervals. As you progress towards them, split these reasonable smaller goals into even smaller speaking milestones.  Break each giant leap down until they are small steps and you can comfortably cross the finish line.

6. Increase your vocabulary through flash cards. After you are finished in your SEC classes, copy down 10+ vocabulary words from that day that you want to improve on. Flip through them whenever you have the opportunity; leave them where you will come across them regularly. Even better, if they refer to objects that are around in your day to day life,  either attach them like a label to the object or put that stack easily accessible for when you are dealing with the subject matter.  For example, cooking cards in the kitchen.

7. Every time you encounter success, reward yourself. Remember why you have taken on this task in the first place, learning a language is a gift you are giving to yourself. Try to associate these emotions with it. Been struggling with a particular turn of phrase or grammatical syntax? Say it correctly in a low pressure situation and think positively each time.  Smile! Tell yourself that knowledge is a gift and your advancement of language makes you feel as lucky as any other present does.

8. Picture yourself speaking perfectly with confidence in a myriad of situations. You and your friends from home are stuck needing help from only an English speaker, no one can get you out of this jam until, you come to the rescue and speak confidently and assertively to save the day. You’re out for a stroll and a celebrity approaches you, asking a question to which you respond in perfect eloquent English. Did you know that the human brain cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined success? It goes through the same processes, imagining it makes you prepared for the real thing when the time comes. So go ahead, let your imagination run wild and feel proud of all you have accomplished Studying English in Canada.


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